Welcome to our garden of fashion floral hair accessories. As you review our STYLES and COLLECTIONS, click on any image to open a larger view with more information.

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We Hand Pick each bloom and create the accessory that best compliments the bud. When you view our collection, after the lifelike resemblance of the flower, the first thing you'll notice is our attention to detail. That's what separates us from every other vendor.

Our minimum order online is only $100 -- a small amount to put out for such lovely little fast-selling objects of JOY!

After you complete a Purchase Order, you will receive an Email confirmation with a link back to pictures of the items you have chosen. This will help you track and re-order your best-selling fleurs.

We prefer to collect your credit card information (VISA or MC) by phone or fax and charge the total due the day we ship your order - or - you can send us a check if it's easier for you.

Just like Mother Nature, our floral accessories change with the seasons, so don't forget to bookmark this site. Thanks!